There's no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to eco style!


  • Maybe your idea of eco/sustainable style is about owning less and wanting to start a capsule wardrobe (how liberating)

  • It could be about learning to buy quality over quantity for clothing longevity (smart thinking)

  • Perhaps for you it's about enjoying a diverse but well-curated closet (what fun)

  • Possibly sustainable style translates in where, how and from whom you shop (eco, animal friendly & pre-owned rocks)

  • It could start off as simply as how you take care of your clothing once they come home. (hooray to the delicate cold wash)

Whatever has motivated you to your eagerness to have a conscious stylist assist you in purging, re-organising, re-styling and recommending an improved way forward, Congrats!  


It's worthy of your time and investment.


All consultations are charged at $100 per hour. (Billed in 30-minute increments)

Travel Charge

  • Within 10 miles of Sammamish YMCA $ free

  • Outside of above radius: $20

Consultation 1:  Reduce, reuse & revive

This closet cleanse is a deep dive into everything you currently own. 


Once completed it leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and opens up your closet and energy for new ideas, styles and mindfulness around your present and future clothing choices!

With a fresh pair of eyes and an unbiased viewpoint Lyn will help you through, the often daunting, task of identifying what to keep and what to let go. Then show you new combinations to what what you already own.

This consultation is charged per hour at $100 and usually takes anything from 2 - 5 hours depending on the size of the client's wardrobe and the preparation before consultation.

Consultation 2:  Style 4 longevity

Whether it's a capsule wardrobe you're after, or simply feeling confident that you're rotating, wearing and looking after what you already own, Lyn will assist in developing your personal style in the most sustainable manner, by working with you to develop a shopping list, find avenues to resell unwanted pieces and earning discounts at thrift stores.

This consultation can be handled within, or combined with, consultation 1, time permitting. However Lyn finds clients' often prefer to break up consult 1 and 2 to give them time to digest the shared information and then pick up again with the new direction, action points on how to take their style forward!

This consultation is charged per hour at $100.

Consultation 3:  Shop pre-loved & new

What could be more unique, budget and environmentally friendly than shopping pre-loved.  Lyn is a master at finding beautiful pieces (never guaranteed per shop though) that cost a fraction of retail prices, while offering her clients truly individualised styling choices. And eco-friendly to boot!

There's an art to shopping pre-loved whether it's through charity, consignment or online sellers. Buying new items consciously can be just as rewarding, and Lyn unpacks these intricacies,

advantages, resources and and tips for mindful shopping. Online shopping can be tackled together too.

Note: Lyn doesn't accompany clients to fast fashion retailers such as H&M, Zara, Mango, Free People etc. Yet finding these brands pre-loved is a welcome challenge.

Consultation 4:  Tech style savvy support

We live in a world filled with support, growth, and community at our fingertips.  Don't be left behind!  Lyn helps you tap into encouraging eco conversations, boards and ideas.

Whether it's;

  • daily outfit styling apps,

  • buying and/or selling clothing online

  • developing your own style inspiration boards

  • seasonal trend watch

  • the best eco influencers to learn from

  • new fashion-related documentaries (The True Cost - a movie must-see!)

  • insight into eco fashion industry podcasts

  • and a myriad of other online tools to keep you inspired and motivate on your path to great style.

This consultation is charged per hour at $100.

© 2019 by Lyn Cowie. Bringing Consciousness Back into Style

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